Build a Bigger Biceps Peak with Craig Curls

October 10, 2017

Build a Bigger Biceps Peak with Craig Curls

In a world of gimmicky exercises, it’s rare for seasoned lifters to stumble across something new and unusual that has legit value. As such, we tried out Craig Curls as skeptics.

The results were mind-blowing. Here's what you need to know -- and a video to make sure you nail the technique.  

Popularized by Craig Capurso, the Craig Curl targets the bicep peak like nothing else. We've seen and tried it all, and Craig Curls are simply the best curls for building arms that truly stand out. By uniquely stimulating an under-trained area of the bicep, Craig Curls unlock new growth for virtually any lifter.

They look strange, but don’t judge a book by its cover – Craig Curls will give you the pump of your life. Add them to your arm-building arsenal now and thank us (okay, thank Craig) later.

Unfortunately, the Craig Curl can be tricky to learn and perform correctly. And that’s where we come in -- with instructional pics, video, and 4 quick tips to get your Craig Curls dialed in.


How to Craig Curl


Craig Curls are done using a cable machine set to slightly below chest-level. They should be performed using two handles attached to a single cable (like Craig above or below at left), or using a single close-grip row attachment (below at right). Either will work.


How to perform the Craig Curl correctly


  1. While the set up looks a bit like a row, it’s not. Care must be taken to avoid rowing the weight and shifting the pull from the biceps to the back muscles.

  2. During the Craig Curl the elbows are flared out high, and stay there. This prevents the back musculature from getting involved and forces the biceps to move the weight. 

  3. In the Craig Curl, the elbow acts primarily as a fixed hinge, as the lifter makes a “gorilla beating his chest” motion. This further keeps the lats, rhomboid, and other back muscles on the sidelines and places 100% of the stress on the biceps.

*In contrast, during a row, the elbows travel tremendously. They start well in front of the lifter and finish each rep back along his/her sides. This ain’t that. Don’t row it.    

  1. Lastly, note the wrist position in frame B above (or in the video below) when the knuckles are about to touch the chest. The wrists are curled inward slightly, fully activating the biceps during peak contraction.


See the Craig Curl in action:

How to use Craig Curls to build a bigger, thicker, higher biceps peak

All that's left to do is dial in the weight that's right for you. In our experience training with it, the Untapped Team found the Craig Curl best suited for medium-weight, higher rep (10-15 range) work.

Final Tip: We saw absolutely massive pumps in the bicep peak when a several second squeeze at the end of each rep was performed.   

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