How many servings/capsules/how long does one bottle last?

Each bottle of UNTAPPED contains 25 servings (100 capsules) and is a one month’s supply.


How do I take UNTAPPED™?

We recommend 4 capsules 15-30 minutes before training.


Do you have free samples?

We don’t currently offer a sample size. Additionally, because UNTAPPED works differently than traditional pre-workouts to boost muscle building and decrease body fat, a single dose wouldn’t capture the full effectiveness of UNTAPPED -- it starts great and gets even better as you use it. While there isn’t a free sample, you can still try Untapped risk-free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee on all first-time orders.   


Where can I buy UNTAPPED?

Right here. Direct distribution allows us to eliminate GNC (and other retailers') markup, which is unfortunately 40-60% of the price the customer pays.

The result is we can use higher quality ingredients, such as Octacosanol or pharmaceutical grade Beta Alanine bound with Pantothenic acid (which eliminates the itchiness store-bought Beta Alanine supplements are famous for) and keep prices low. These would generally be prohibitively expensive for most athletes, but our direct model allows us to offer them to the public while keeping the price competitive.

We also provide free 2-day shipping, so customers won't have to pay extra or wait long to get their orders.


Are there discount codes?

We hook up everyone who signs up for our email list with an immediate 10% off discount code – they’re also the first to know about other sales, special offers, blog articles, and other news. To sign up, scroll down to the footer of any page on our site. We rarely send more than 1 email a month, we never share your info with anyone, and our messages pretty much always contain a discount code – no spam!


Why pills and not powder?

Gel capsules allow UNTAPPED to provide pure, ultra-concentrated ingredients with absolutely no empty sugars or artificial sweeteners, no calories, and no fillers. Each capsule is pure horsepower at the exact, precise dosage for results.  

Traditional powder-drink pre-workouts can cause a dilemma: if consumed slowly, they are less effective, as the dose is spread out over time. If one shotguns the entire drink straight down, the results improve, but at the cost of hitting the gym with a stomach full of distracting liquid sloshing around.

Capsules also prevent the “settling problem” that powdered pre-workouts have. Basically, a powdered pre-workout is a bunch of different ingredients ground up into small particles. However, some ingredients are denser/heavier than others. What this means is that over time (especially during shipping when the product is shook, bounced, etc.), the heavier particles make their way to the bottom of the container, while the lighter ingredients get pushed to the top.

The ingredients are no longer evenly distributed, so each scoop may not contain the same mix of ingredients, and the results will be hit or miss.

With capsules, evenly distributed dosages are locked into each capsule in the exact, correct ratio before UNTAPPED leaves the lab. By using capsules, UNTAPPED ensures consistent, powerful results.


Is UNTAPPED safe? Can women use UNTAPPED?

UNTAPPED is extremely safe and contains only ingredients found in the natural world – no synthetic or Franken-ingredients. We also micro-test twice, before and after production, to ensure each batch contains exactly what it should and absolutely nothing it should not.

UNTAPPED is safe and effective for both male and female athletes. 


What does UNTAPPED feel like? How do I know it’s working?

UNTAPPED feels like the best, most focused, tireless, never-want-to-leave workout you’ve ever had.

But it does not cause flushing, tingling, itching, warmth, or any of the common “feels” traditional pre-workouts do. UNTAPPED is designed for results, not distractions, so we stripped out the Niacin (companies use it to cause a warm, rushing feeling – unfortunately it’s also the reason so many pre-workouts cause upset stomach). We also use a higher quality form of Beta Alanine that does not cause paresthesia (the itchy/tingling sensation most people associate with Beta Alanine).

You’ll know UNTAPPED’s working when you add 10-20 pounds your lifts the first week, and when you feel like you just got to the gym even though you’ve been crushing weights for an hour and half non-stop, adding reps and sets along the way.

We also encourage athletes who are focused on their physiques to take before and after pics of their first 30 days training with UNTAPPED. The difference will be clear.  


Are there are reviews of UNTAPPED?

Don’t take our word for it. UNTAPPED has been reviewed by many of the top magazines and bodybuilding & fitness blogs – see the slider near the bottom of our homepage for examples.

Each product page in the Shop also features reviews from individual customers. These are verified by a 3rd party, YotPo®, to confirm reviews are left by real paying customers.

If UNTAPPED™ does not appear on a certain review site, or you stumble across a "review", but it's immediately clear upon reading it that the author hasn't actually tried UNTAPPED™, there's a reason why: 

Unlike many companies, UNTAPPED doesn’t “pay to play”. None of our reviewers gets any sort of cut or affiliate commission for promoting. Many prominent review sites work under that model, so we don't mess with them. Not a single one of our reviewers is an affiliate or gets a dime. 


What’s in UNTAPPED?

The best, highest quality natural ingredients. There’s too much good stuff to go into right here, but the product pages for both UNTAPPED and the Two Pack of UNTAPPED feature an entire section that breaks down each ingredient, what it is, where it’s from, and exactly why it’s included in Untapped.

This same area on the UNTAPPED and Two Pack pages also features the full Supplement Facts panel (in the FDA approved full form – no hidden dosages or “Proprietary Blends”).


Can UNTAPPED sponsor me?

Maybe. We only work with athletes who really know and use Untapped, so if you’re looking for some cash or free product, we’re probably not a good fit. If you’ve tried it, seen what Untapped can do, and are an active blogger, Instagrammer, Facebooker or Snapchatter, we might be able to work something out.


Will UNTAPPED make me fail a drug test?

Absolutely not. Our customers include pro athletes, law enforcement, active duty military, and any other category of drug-tested person one could think of. UNTAPPED will not cause a fail on any legal, occupational, or athletically required testing of any kind.


Is this a monthly subscription?

No. Our customers buy what they want, when they want it, and come back on their own when they’re ready for more. There will be no surprises and no weird charges on your card. Everything, from our guarantee to the fast, free shipping we provide is 100% no-strings-attached.


Are there studies supporting UNTAPPED’s ingredients?

We thought you’d never ask. There is such a tremendous body of literature supporting their effectiveness and safety that we had to save it for last.

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